Rebirthing Relationships

The cliché “the only thing that is constant is change” is a cliché for a reason, yet most of us don’t give ourselves, or another, permission to become a-new.
I believe we are in a constant relationship with everything in life, yet most of us weren’t taught to have healthy relationships, especially the one with ourselves. The lack of healthy connection can lead us to move through life with greater frustration, stress and even depression, or cause us to look outside ourselves for a solution.
It all begins with you.
Establishing personal alignment, bringing two whole people together from a solid foundation, you are then able to join together to form a sacred, interdependent union.
I’m gifted with the extraordinary opportunity of supporting the magical process of transformation and creation for those who choose to courageously embark on the journey. As you peel back the proverbial layers of the “not self”, you become aware of conditioning which continues to get in the way of your Becoming.
Gifting yourself time to recalibrate into the next iteration of growth, a deep knowing emerges that even in the deepest of wounds, there is a raw potential waiting to be claimed. It is from this stable foundation, you experience freedom, open-heartedness and joy within all relationships.

Even in the deepest of wounds there is a raw
potential waiting to be claimed

‘I have been working with Valerie for almost 8 years now! Personally, I am a therapist and a coach who has worked with many of my own healers and helpers over the years, yet Valerie is my Person! She has always been able to support me through both the hard stuff and the growth stuff whenever I am looking to heal or expand in different areas of my life from business to relationships to the more spiritually guided wisdom and insight I am seeking. Valerie is wise, insightful, intuitive, and well seasoned in many tools and practices that ultimately support higher consciousness and growth. I trust her with anything that I want to process or heal always.’ - Genesa, CO