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I am deeply and passionately committed to my clients.
How much you invest in yourself is the level in which you can allow in.
I will meet you where you are, and wherever you start is perfect.
I am here to empower you.
I will not fight for your limitations, coddle you, or carry you up a mountain.
I will continue to point you in a direction of taking full responsibility for your life,
cultivating the knowing that everything showing up for you is happening for you.
You are not here to play small.
You are the creator of your life.
You are either creating by default, allowing your false perceptions and limiting beliefs to guide
or you are creating by design.
You get to decide.
Feeding patterns of blame, attempting to manage everyone around you, or constantly at the effect
of external circumstances are some of the conditioned, egoicmonkeymind’s little games that keep you captive.
YOU suffer.
Through our collaboration, you allow those tendencies to fall away,
feeling more ease, freedom and gratitude for all of life.
This is your becoming.

When you become the change, your life is an ecstatic unfolding of miracles.

You don’t have to flail in your becoming, or have it be a sufferfest.

Sometimes it’s a little easier with a sturdy handrail.

Discovery Session

Complimentary 30-minute Zoom call to get your questions answered and
see if there is a match in our energies to embark on an extraordinary journey together.

Let’s design an experience personally for you!

Gratitude Toward Val

‘The greatest gift we can give ourselves and others is our full presence.’

‘Working with Valerie has proved to me that I have the power to change. Working together, Valerie taught me that the perception in which we view the world has the opportunity to bend. Changing my perception on how things affect me has completely changed how I see myself. It has helped me grow as a person to live an authentic life. Valerie is so much more than a coach. She is a true friend, activist, and support system. I have never felt more at home than when I am in her presence. The benefits of working together are too many to count, but believe me when I say: Valerie is a person you need in your life!’ Sam, CO

‘As I head into my next iteration of growth, I consider what success means to me and make that sentiment my focal point’

‘Simply put, working with Valerie is life changing. In a remarkably short period of time she has helped me fine tune my thoughts and draw more joy from everyday life experiences. Her spirit and passion for people is fierce yet full of compassion. Her heart is huge and her words are powerful. She is a modern day alchemist. If you have the opportunity and a calling to work with her, don't hesitate. It's time and money you'll never regret. I'm so grateful to have her in my corner.’~ Lindsay, CO

‘Demonstrate joy so that others may find theirs as well’

‘Val is a divine light who has helped me let go and step into my full potential. She has taught me how to truly honor myself and speak my truth. Val has shown me a path where I put the work in and she is a steady confidant.’ Cheyenne, AZ

‘I let myself seek a little retreat so I can recalibrate’

‘I cannot express the amount of love I share for Val; Val has this amazing sense of calm in working with you to bring forward your voice. Authenticity, meaning, identity, love & your ego- It's all there & Val guided me to unlock my best self.’ Joe, CT