VDA Coaching

The internal health of a company is just as vital as the physical structure of an organization. Without healthy communication, trust and respect between employees and the up-line, toxicity and tension continue to build. Even with a healthy ‘bottom line’, these patterns can become like a virus continuing to grow over time, and limit the potential of a company.
Valerie, and the Vitality Track Team, understand the severity of this reality and see many companies which continue to suffer due to this cyclical nature. The Vitality Track Team is committed to working with organizations who see the value in clearing out any unhealthy patterns of miscommunication, gossip, ‘us against them’ mentalities, drama, and blaming.
Vitality Track was created with the understanding that integrating a higher level of consciousness within a company initiates effective communication, mindful interaction, greater time management and cohesiveness. It is our mission to support companies in generating greater external productivity by initiating internal vibrant health, while moving toward collective and individual goals.

Don’t Believe Every Thought You Think

‘I worked with Val D’Ambrosio as my Conscious Leadership coach for 2 years. She is absolutely amazing! In a coach, I always look for three attributes: honesty (tell me the hard truth so I know how to improve), inspiration (lift me up and help me find a new, better level of performance) and great listening skills. Valerie excels in all three areas. I thoroughly enjoyed working with her and grew personally and professionally from her guidance over the time we worked together. I highly recommend Valerie to anyone looking for an executive coach with the ability to connect with you personally while giving you the tools and coaching to practice Conscious Leadership.’ Philip Beck-SVP, Payments and Financing at SAP Ariba, PA