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Valerie D'Ambrosio

I am a Joy Pollinator. A Midwife for the Soul. A Healer.

I am what is necessary.

You Heal. I Heal.

As a Master Guide I use my superpowers of
Truth seeking,
Observing energy,
To walk you into an energetic understanding that transforms you in ways
you can’t imagine.

Through this simple process of understanding yourself,
You’ll experience excitement, as you realize something new within you has changed.

As you journey through this powerful awakening,
You’ll notice false perceptions and limiting beliefs begin to dismantle,
Realigning you to your truth
You remember what you really are.

Within this radical shift,
A new place within you is awakened
A life you truly love begins to unfold.

Your becoming is perfection in its unfolding

Welcome home. It all begins Here

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I am not pretending to be a Guru or that I have it all figured out. Like you, I get to become witness of my neurotic tendencies, the ways in which I behave as I get tethered to perfectionist thoughts, and how the memorized feelings of anxiety, unworthiness, judgement and shame, attempt to convince me that I’m not enough.
As I commit more deeply to who I know I really am inside, unwiring these unconscious patterns, I have the privilege of experiencing a kinder, more gentle relationship with myself. More and more, I stop taking myself or those memorized behaviors and tendencies too seriously.

And like you, everyday I get to remember that I am the creator of my life, and it is a gift and joy to be alive at this time. Everyday I choose to live my life practicing presence, instilling the feelings I desire to experience more of, freeing myself of my past, and humbly pay it forward to remind others of who they really are.

We are never given more than we can handle.
As a matter of fact, we are given precisely what is required
for our souls evolution

Everything is relationship.
Yet most of us were not taught how to navigate relationships from a healthy place.

The old paradigm of relating is dismantling.

The time is now
to create ways of relating that are
healthy and joy filled.


Uncover Even Greater Ease & Joy

In your human expeience


You are either living your life by default or by design.
You have a choice.

Integrating and generating
Higher levels of consciousness
Within a company
Effective communication,
Mindful interaction,
Greater time management
And cohesiveness.

With energetic awareness,
You consciously and powerfully lead your life
And others.